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 Enrollment Requirements 


The following procedures are required for admittance to Kids C.A.R.E:

1. Tour Kids C.A.R.E.

2. Read and sign Policies and Procedures in Handbook

3. Return all Forms

4. Submit Payments



The documentation itemized below and fees must be submitted before your child’s first day at Kids C.A.R.E. Failure to submit all required documentation or fees will delay your student's admittance to class. 

Legal Documents

  • Birth Certificate

  • Form 3231 (Certificate of Immunization)

  • Form 3300 (Ear, Eye, & Dental Certificate) ( Required for K5-5th Grade Applicants)


  • Tuition Agreement        

  • Emergency Care/Medical Alert Form

  • Authorization Release Form

  • Signed Student Handbook Acknowledgment  

Academic  Records

  • Copy of previous Report Card ( Required for 1st-5th Grade Applicants)

  • Copy of Standardized Test Scores (Required for 1st-5th Grade Applicants)

  • Transcript Release Authorization  ( Required for K5-5th Grade Applicants)

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