Our Program


Kids C.A.R.E.'s academics are designed to be an age appropriate challenge fostered  through a meaningful education foundation. Our curriculum is set to advance at a pace based on the individual needs of each student. Performance statistics, on average, show Kids C.A.R.E. students at 1-2 levels above their current grade. All students attending Kids C.A.R.E. receive the following core curriculum:
  • Biblical  Studies​
  • African American Studies
  • Spanish
  • Sign Language
  • STEM
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts (cursive writing K5)
  • Physical Education
  • Art



Give us a call:

678- 974- 2922


Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack will be provided.  Menu plans are displayed in the classroom.  Nutritious selections will be served and students are encouraged to try foods from the four food groups.  Beverages served will be fruit juice, milk or water.


After School

Kids C.A.R.E. offers before and after school programming  for students who arrive to school before official school hours and need care after school hours.

Though we do not provide transportation services for daily arrival and dismissal, any student from age 3 (potty trained) to 12 years old may attend our after school program, even if they are not enrolled during the day.

After School Program


Our Academic Trips

1. Parents/Guardians must sign a permission form for every trip their student attends in order for that student be be admitted on trips. Students must be at Kids C.A.R.E by 8:15am on trip days. Students attending trips must leave from and arrive to field trip locations via the transportation services utilized by the school.


​2. Money for trips is due by the due dates and may be paid online or in office.

3. Family members may attend and are subject to cost, monetary due dates, and clothing requirements. Transportation will not be provided.


4. Students are to bring and wear the requested clothing and foot items.If there is no special uniform request, the standard LEAP uniform dress code will be worn.

5. Any student requiring specific medical needs, such as seasonal or emergency medication, should be identified through the LEAP medial form. Required medications must be onsite and inline with the LEAP policy. 


6. Non-LEAP trip participants, 16yrs and below, require a chaperone. LEAP staff will only be utilized for LEAP students.


7. Students and Family members are expected to present proper behavior during all trips. Failure to comply may result in dismissal of future trip attendance.

Our Calendar

Our Calendar

Kids C.A.R.E. is open Monday- Friday from 7:00 am- 6:00pm. Our school year is from August through May.  June and July will be open for summer enrichment and will uphold the same scheduling.

Kids C.A.R.E. follows Fulton County School System holiday scheduling and inclement weather closings.

Our Supplies


Click on the the student's grade level to see the list of supplies required for the school year.